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​Agriculture blog

​Farmers Link


At Farmers Link, we grow vegetables using pesticide-free, natural farming methods.

Even if I want to start farming, I don't know right or left because I'm worried about the financial side and have no experience.

We support people who want to start but can't start.

Also, if you have knowledge and experience in agriculture, you can make use of your experience and work on agriculture as a side job.

Currently, Farmers Link owns four fields, and the people in charge of each place are working on farming.

It is a system that allows you to grow and sell your favorite vegetables without pesticides.

I also take photos and videos of my activities and upload them to YouTube and SNS.

We also hold video editing study sessions, so even beginners can gain knowledge as a video creator.

"About 1 hour from Tokyo

Why don't you try farming in the countryside?"

Farmers Link

​Using empty houses and abandoned farmland in the countryside

​provides a new lifestyle.

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