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​Service list

​From inexperienced farmer to farmer


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​We support people who want to start farming.

Independent farming has the appeal of being able to decide how to spend the day, cultivation, and annual plans at your own discretion.

Don't worry if you don't understand agriculture!

Let's move forward while learning together.


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Individuals can't take a step because they can't bear the burden, but if you take a step with us, the problem will be solved!

What we offer here is

Housing (1DK or 1LDK cheap)

Commuting from Tokyo is also ok

Light truck 4WD (shared)

Agricultural implements, necessary for (shared) work. ​


​ Solution

A certain amount of money is required to prepare farmland, agricultural machinery, and equipment. If you go to a vocational school to acquire technology, it will cost you more. Since such an initial investment is required, it can be said that there are some hurdles for young people in their 20s and 30s to suddenly step into independent farming.


​What vegetables did you grow?


​Vegetables of your choice

Grow your favorite vegetables.

Buy your own vegetable seeds!

​I think you can try rare varieties.


​ What are the vegetables! ?

We will support you even if you do not have a market for your vegetables.

The fee is 0 yen!

We will divide the harvested vegetables in half.



You will be asked to take photos and videos of the state of the vegetables being cultivated and the state of harvesting.

​ We will be posting our activities on our youtube channel and Instagram!


​Full support


​Safe support

We will do our best to support you so that you can farm with peace of mind.

Backup of agricultural equipment, consultation when in trouble, etc.

​When there is no sales channel, we will sell it on behalf of you.



What we offer here is

Housing (1DK or 1LDK) Paid

light truck 4WD

Items necessary for farm work such as farming tools (excluding seeds).


​A fresh start

​Farmers Link will support you to get closer to your ideal farming life!

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